What were we thinking!!!

We were thinking we wanted to create a shop that was not your typical shop.  If you know Trish or I (if you don't, I'm sorry because we are pretty cool) you know that we are definitely some unique personalities.  We wanted a shop that reflected not only our unique personalities but others as well. We literally have something for everyone.  Do you like candles...we got you.  Do you like to fancy up your outdoor spaces...we got you.  Are you a jewelry fanatic...we go you.  Are you a Hells Angel...we got you too!!! So when I say we have something for everyone, I mean everyone. 

So, because of our dedication to providing a unique experience, you will not find a bunch of commercially advertised product, large displays of more travel cups or "popular" brands.  What you will find, is an interesting selection of jewelry, home and garden décor, custom florals, and gifts that were selected or created personally by Trish and I to provide our customers a one of a kind shop to find "the perfect gift" for almost everyone, if not everyone on your list. Also, many of our pieces have a limited selection/availability to help ensure each gift is truly unique so once it's gone, chances are it is gone forever.  Bah-bye!

It has been a rough road at times and we have been tempted once or twice to take the easy way and stock the known sellers but to be honest that is not us.  We like to make things as difficult as possible.  Therefore we will continue to seek out unique gifts, décor and jewelry so when you need "the perfect gift" it will be here waiting for you!!!!

Talk to you soon,

Carrie and Trish



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  • Elayne Lindsey

    So happy for both of you that you have a wonderful business together. I will visit this month.

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