Humble beginnings!!!!

In March of 2019 one of the most inspirational women in my life, Trish Galinat, asked me if I would be interested in joining her in her life long dream of opening a unique shop.  The idea was a shop that would be a combination of unique gifts and previously loved products, a truly one of a kind shop.  Well, obviously I had to think about it and talk with my husband.  As I talked to my husband I was terrified of embarking on such a venture. I was terrified but excited beyond words and that's when I knew that I wanted to do this, I had to do this.  That July we received the keys to OUR shop. 

For the following two months I worked my full time job at AutoZone Distribution Center as an Advisor and Trish worked full time at her company Boulevard Bail Bonds (yes she is our very own Dog the Bounty Hunter) and every night and every weekend was dedicated to making this dream a reality.  There was endless cleaning, crying, building displays, finding just the right products, cleaning, crying, stressing, pricing what felt like a billion products, merchandising, stressing, crying and receiving the most amazing support and encouragement from our friends and family.  Our grand opening for friends and family was scheduled for September 1st, exactly when the much anticipated Hurricane Dorian was due to hit our area.  Well if you know Trish and I, we are pretty stubborn and we were not about to let that b@#$% ruin our day.  So the show went on and Dorian, well, she didn't show for the fight. 

From that day, this has been the hardest thing we have ever done.  They say anything worth having is worth working for, well, we are working our booties off.  We still continue to work full time and run this business.  While it has been a struggle, we have come so far in the past few months.  We have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, our own website and the store has received amazing feedback from almost every customer who walks in the door.  We have rough days and heck probably even want to give up, but we have something great that we created and while every day is truly a challenge we will continue to work our butts off because we believe in how amazing what we created is but more than that, we believe in each other.  


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  • Bre Ximenes

    I’m so excited about your store and have purchased some unique finds to give friends over the holiday… I’m glad you all continue to keep on keeping on and staying Uniquely Blended. Im looking forward to your latest funky, cool… painted furniture and flower arrangements… The jewelry is always a hit and your prices rock!

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